About Us

Morgan & Company Jewellers specializes in quality. Since 1965, we’ve remained the leading source for unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry. We have a beautiful selection that includes Patek Philippe watches, antique and estate jewelry and fine jewelry. We’ve served Los Angeles from our same location for decades, building relationships with lifetime customers.

We are specialists in remodeling older jewelry pieces, and creating your custom jewelry designs. Some of our products and services include antique jewelry, estate jewelry, diamond rings, engagement rings, fine jewelry and stones, watch winders, Patek Philippe watches, and vintage watches.

Our services in repairing and restoring modern and vintage watches are all performed by our certified master watchmaker. These services often include complete disassembly of the watch and movement, a water test if necessary, complete cleaning and examination of all parts, proper oiling, reassembly, and regulating using state of the art equipment, proper seals, and new gaskets as needed.

Some say that fine craftsmanship is man’s flirtation with perfection. At Morgan & Co. Jewellers, this is visible in the grand result. Come by our store today to see what we have to offer, or visit us online. To inquire about any of the pieces you see on our pages, call our store directly at 310-208-3377.Morgan & Company Jewellers.